Cookie Sales 2014

Hi everyone,

Last night I went to our Service meeting and took the 2014 GSHG Cookie Training.  All I can says is wow.  Where to begin.  It is going to be a lot of work.  Work I am completely willing to do, however something will have give during cookie sales.  There will be four meetings during this period and I may need to ask a few of you to lead a meeting or two.  The girls will make booth decorations during one meeting and we can make tee shirts to wear to our booth sales at another, like tie dye.  Major badge work will be on hold.

I will be sending out lots of emails during this time as well.  All I ask is that you try and shoot me a quick simple reply as soon as you can so I can keep up with everyone.  This is my first time ever doing this so please be patient with me.  I will do my very best to accommodate everyone and make this fun for our girls.

There is a quick (20 minutes max) cookie training I need to do with one parent and her daughter at the end of the meeting coming up on  November 19th.  Once we are done I will need you to fill out a form with your information on it, seal it in an envelope and I will mail those off the next day to ensure each of our girls get a chance to sell cookies this season.

We can not start selling until January 3rd, there are no exceptions to this rule and if we are caught selling before this date, apparently we will not get any cookie sales money for our troop.   Booth sales start on Valentines day and all sales end March 9th.  It is going to fly by and be a bit crazy I’m sure!

I have to sign our troop up for booth sales in a lottery type thing on January 18th, but before that I can scope out the times and locations to decide what would be best for our girls.  I can chose up to 12 booth times….. lol…. How many booth sales do our Moms and girls actually want to participate in?  Each booth sale last 4 hours, we can rotate in and out during this time, with 2 adults and 4 girls.

I will take any and all feedback you have on both booth sales and cookie sales in general.  Is there anyone who does not want to sell cookies?  Our troop will make $0.55 a box if we sell 1488 boxes or less ($817) or $0.65 a box if we sell 1489 or more ($967).  I want this to be fun for our girls, lets make it fun.

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