Cookies and Camp Day

Hi all,

First of all I have a correction for the calendar.  Neither school will be on spring break during April 1st, so we will have a regular meeting that night.

Second, I will need each of you to send a reply to this email by January 18th with the following 8 items included.  I only need to know the total number of boxes you need of each variety, I do not need customer information along with each box.

1. Girls Shirt Size

2. Incentive Rewards request (this is just to give the council and idea of what to order) see page 6-7 in your parent guide.

3. Savanah Smiles =

4. Trefoils =

5. Do-Si-Dos =

6. Samoas =

7. Tagalongs =

8. Thin Mints =

As a reminder, most of this information is in your Parent Cookie guide, including a date list on page 4.  The SALE runs through March 9th.  You may continue to send me additional orders throughout the sale, I will also send out and email and ask before I place another order.  I will make runs to the cookie cupboard in Thomasville to pick those up.  This is your initial order from pre-sales that I am taking now.  If you do not get me your numbers by January 18th then when cookies come in on February 8th, you will not be picking any cookies up.  Your orders will not be filled and your customers will have to wait until my next order is placed and I return to the cookie cupboard.
Looks like I have; *************attending day camp on the 25th of January, any one else coming along?
I will be sending out a list of things each girl will need to bring to this event after our meeting Tuesday night.  We would like each girl participating to bring $5 to of set the cost of this event.  If you plan on staying with your daughter, the park does charge $5 cash only to park your vehicle, just a heads up.

See you Tuesday, this meeting is going to be a fun one!

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