Meeting 2-4

Hi all,

Krista (thank you so much) will be doing this meeting for our girls and she would like the girls to wear comfortable workout clothes, bring a water bottle and a beach towel.

After a wonderful time at Reed Bignham and the happy tired girls at the end of the day Chris and I have 2 more really fun outdoor events planed for our troop.  For our two scouts who missed the Camp Day, we will be hiking again at Bird Song and possibly doing an official Camp out in the coming months.  More on this later.  Your girls will not need to make up any work at this time.

I would like a list from each family of weekends in March April and May that you would  NOT be available to participate in an event.  We want to plan these two things when the most girls can attend, partially so they can earn their badges and mostly because your girls rock and I love being around them!!!!

Chris and I will be picking up our big cookie order on February 8th.  We will have all your cookies from your INITIAL order in a pile and ready for you to pick up from 3-4pm that afternoon at her house ********************.  You can come anytime during that hour and grab them, girls do not have to come and you can send your souse if you need to.  If for some reason this time will not work for you please let me know!!!!!

I will be placing my next cookie order after Valentines Day and will ask for those numbers at a later date.

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