Cookies and Camp Day

Hi all,

First of all I have a correction for the calendar.  Neither school will be on spring break during April 1st, so we will have a regular meeting that night.

Second, I will need each of you to send a reply to this email by January 18th with the following 8 items included.  I only need to know the total number of boxes you need of each variety, I do not need customer information along with each box.

1. Girls Shirt Size

2. Incentive Rewards request (this is just to give the council and idea of what to order) see page 6-7 in your parent guide.

3. Savanah Smiles =

4. Trefoils =

5. Do-Si-Dos =

6. Samoas =

7. Tagalongs =

8. Thin Mints =

As a reminder, most of this information is in your Parent Cookie guide, including a date list on page 4.  The SALE runs through March 9th.  You may continue to send me additional orders throughout the sale, I will also send out and email and ask before I place another order.  I will make runs to the cookie cupboard in Thomasville to pick those up.  This is your initial order from pre-sales that I am taking now.  If you do not get me your numbers by January 18th then when cookies come in on February 8th, you will not be picking any cookies up.  Your orders will not be filled and your customers will have to wait until my next order is placed and I return to the cookie cupboard.
Looks like I have; *************attending day camp on the 25th of January, any one else coming along?
I will be sending out a list of things each girl will need to bring to this event after our meeting Tuesday night.  We would like each girl participating to bring $5 to of set the cost of this event.  If you plan on staying with your daughter, the park does charge $5 cash only to park your vehicle, just a heads up.

See you Tuesday, this meeting is going to be a fun one!


Calendar and Camper Badge Work

Hi all,

As promised here is our current 2014 calendar, I will continue to add to is and send out updates.  It has important cookie dates on it, so please look over it carefully!

The girls have voiced some requests about learning more outdoor skills.  Unfortunately there are only a few badges pertaining to the outdoors available to scouts today.  The most obvious choice is the Camping Badge.  At the meeting on the 21st we will start this badge.  The girls will build a mess kit, make a fire starter, plan a meal, and write a supply list.  They will need to bring their journal to this meeting.

We will then follow this up with a day in the woods at Reed Bingham State Park in Adel GA.  We have reserved the Pioneer camp site for the day and will meet from 2-8pm at the site.  The girls will get to pitch a tent, and take it down, gather wood,  build a fire, cook a meal on it, hike the trails, clean up a trail, tie some knots, sing some songs and just have a good time bonding and learning as girls should. 

I will send you out a supply list of what the girls will need to bring to this event.  We are so looking forward to this fun day in the woods!

Help With Cookies

Hello all,

I am muddling through all of this cookie information, the PDF that teaches me how to use the site alone is 78 pages.  I have added all your girls to eBudde, but I still can’t figure out how to get them into the Cookie Club at Little Brownie Bakers.  Will figure that out ASAP.  Anyway, I need a Mom who can keep track of our booth sales and put that information on eBudde for me.  According to the website (see below) neither Chris nor I can do this.  I will get a user name and password as well as direct website link so you can put this information in for our troop. 

“The Troop Booth Recorder Only User role has no access to the troop’s information.  This role will have access to only two tabs – the Contacts Tab to update their profile information and the Booth SitesTab to record sales.  Leaders and Cookie Chairs have access to the Cupboard Keeper App.  DO NOT ASSIGN A LEADER OR COOKIE CHAIR TO THIS ROLE as they will lose access to all the tabs except the Contacts Tab and Booth Sites Tab..”

Chris and I are working on a calender and some really fun events for the girls at the next meeting, and I will send out an email about this later today.

I also need to know if your daughter WILL NOT BE SELLING COOKIES, as I need to remove them from eBudde.  A few of you have missed some meetings and I have not heard from you lately, we want all of our girls to reach their cookie goals and with extras in the system, they could be penalized.  Thank you, have a wonderful day with this beautiful weather we are having!

January 7th 2014 Meeting

Hello All,

I hope this letter finds you all well rested and happy after the holidays.  We will meet at our regular time tomorrow night.  The girls will get their cookie order forms and we will spend some time with them going over all the details;

-Price per box $4.00
-Varieties we have
-Sell with an adult and wear your uniform
-Personal goals, 150 boxes?
-Girl Rewards/ Troop Rewards, Summer Camp?
-Cookies delivered around Valentines
-Collecting Money only at cookie delivery
-Cash Only
We will make posters for our booths and play a few games as well.

These order forms will need to be turned in by January 18th so I can get a count and place our first order.  We will plan a fun night at Chris’ house on either the 17th or 18th of January in the evening so I can collect the forms and place an order.  Can you please let me know what date works best for you?

Also, dues are due this month for the second half of the year.  We have decided to reduce the dues to $25 a girl.  We have had so many supplies donated and seem to have acquired a lot of the basics for our troop.  We will spend the majority of this money on the rest of the girls badges and the end of the year ceremony.

*****Just for Sadie Grace**** please come to this meeting (I know it will be your last) so we can award you with the badges you have earned and give you  a proper troop 40445 farewell!

Blessings Bags

First of all, thank you to all the moms who helped us tonight. Second of all, thank you to everyone who sent in supplies for tonight. Thirdly, thanks for having such awesome girls, we had such a fun time tonight putting the blessings bags together.  I cannot even express to you how excited I was, and am, about this project. They each were super proud to put together two full bags to keep in their car for the homeless in Valdosta. That’s a total of 24 bags that will be distributed to the homeless in Lowndes county this holiday example of some of the bags ingredients.

photo(1) The girls with all the supplies before we packed them up.


The girls proudly holding up their completed bags.

Cookie Trip Rewards

As a part of our Cookie Program we offer an additional incentive that includes adventure trips for girls selling cookies at the 1000 box and 1500 box level.  All trips are planned according with GSUSA safety standards and are supervised by GSHG council staff.  These trips are planned for girls only.  Parents/Guardians are not able to attend the trips with their daughter(s).  This year the sponsored trips are:

  1. 1000 + Box Level: Girls selling at this level will participate in a council-wide trip to Wild Adventures on April 12, 2014.  This is an overnight trip to Valdosta Georgia.  Girls will enjoy Wild Adventures during the day and stay in a hotel in Valdosta that night.  Girls will leave from their council offices on Saturday morning and will return to the council office on Sunday afternoon.  Lunch, Dinner and Breakfast (Sunday) will be provided by council.  The deadline to RSVP for this trip will be March 28, 2014.  Council will not accept any reservations for this trip after the deadline stated above.  Please make sure that all girls that qualify for this trip are aware of the quick reservation deadline.
  2. 1500 + Box Level:  These girls must decide either the 1000 Club trip or the 1500 Club trip.  Girls selling at this level will participate in a council-wide trip to Disney World on July 14-17, 2014.  This is a 4 day 3 night trip to Orlando.  Girls will leave from their council offices on Monday July 14 and return to the council office on Thursday July17.  Monday will be a day of travel to Orlando with the evening activities consisting of swimming and downtown Disney.  Tuesday and Wednesday the girls will enjoy Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom.  All meals will be provided by council except for Monday (July 14) breakfast.  The deadline to RSVP for this trip will be May 1, 2014.  Council will not accept any reservations for this trip after the deadline stated above.

Peanut Snowmen SWAPS Ornament

Peanut Snowmen

Our Girls have voted to make these adorable Peanut Snowmen Ornaments, another Pintrest find,  for our Service Units Christmas SWAPS Party on December 14th.  ‘

We will start by painting their bodies completely white with tempera paint.  Use sharpies to add eyes, a mouth, and nose.  Add wire arms to the back of the body with hot glue.  Tie a scarf around it’s neck, if the girl so desires.  Then finally finishing it off with an acorn hat and string for hanging on the tree!

Lil’ Loom, Rubber band Bracelet Maker


Our girls really wanted to learn to make these rubber band bracelets that are all the craze now.  The looms sold in the stores are pricy and confusing.  Chris found this fantastic idea on Pintrest to make a mini loom.  I tried using it last night and was able to whip up two bracelets in about 30 minutes, so I know our girls will master this in no time.  They will each receive a mini loom and can carry this along with them on long car rides to whip out some beautiful Christmas gifts for their friends and family!

Dairy Free Vegan GS Thin Mint Cookies

GS Thin Mints, Vegan

Click here to see the recipe for Dairy Free Vegan GS Thin Mint Cookies.  I will be making these for our troop to enjoy while we make our ornament for the SWAPS Christmas Party.  We have 3 members with allergies and special diet needs that these cookies will meet.

Troop Schedule for the next 5 weeks

December 3rd- 6-7:30pm last regular GS meeting of 2013
    Make-up cookie training at 7:10 for Karen and Megan

Bring– Blessing bag items, uniform, scout bag

December 10th- 6-7:30pm Our troops Christmas party/ornament making get together

Bring– your assigned snack and your Mom if she wants to hang out and party with us.

December 14th- 10-2pm SWAPS party held by the service unit in Adel

Bring– your ornament and uniform

Meet at PGE at 9am to carpool unless you live closer to Adel and have already told me you will meet us there.

January 2nd- Cookie Rally in Nashville GA, put on by the Service Unit, 6pm- ?.  As soon as I have more information on this, I will get it out to you.

January 7th- 6-7:30pm our first regular meeting of 2014
Bring– uniform, scout bag

  • Troop 40445

    Meet at 6-7:30pm the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month starting September 2013 through May 2014 at Redeemer Presbyterian Church, 1609 Slater Street Valdosta, GA 31602
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