3-18 Meeting

Hi all,

I am so very proud of our girls (and Moms), they did amazing job at selling cookies this year!  Our troop sold out of cookies, meaning we will not have to pay out of profit for any boxes!! Woot Woot!!!  We sold 197 cases, or 2364 boxes, and made a profit of $1400!!!!

We will be having our regular meeting tonight at 6pm.  It will, however be our last regular meeting.  With half of our group doing soccer practice twice a week, piano, play practice, dance, and jobs, there is not a night of week we could meet any longer. 

We will plan a bridging/end of the year party for the girls one Sunday in late April early May, and they will receive all their awards and badges at that point.  We will also have a weekend trip with their cookie money.  This will be scheduled on the weekend that the most girls can attend.  We will leave Valdosta on Saturday morning and return on Sunday afternoon, location to be announced.  Please let me know if May 17-18 or May 24-25 would work better for your girl as soon as possible so we can get reservations in place.

Thanks, see you all tonight.


1-21-2014 Meeting

Hello All,

Thank you for getting your cookie orders in to me Saturday!  I placed our troop order on Sunday(including all your additions) and was blown away by how well our girls did in pre sales, selling more than 1200 boxes of cookies.  Way to go girls!  With our booth sales ordered as well, we are sitting at 1800 boxes and will likely get $0.65 a box for our troop to use towards summer camp (Juniors) and a day trip (Brownies), instead of just $0.55 a box!

I locked down 4 booth sites and times, we will do one as a troop and will save the rest in case of a rain out, or to move any left over cookies in March. To be fair, I will be crediting each girl with cookies sales from booths based on the amount of hours she works a booth.  I would like each girl to sign up for a 2 hour slot during our booth sale.  We will have 2 tables set up, one at each door of Wal Mart.  I will need 2 adults and at least 2 girls in uniform at each table.  Chris and I will work the whole sale, I will bring a schedule to the meeting Tuesday night and you and your daughter can pick a time slot to attend.  Our booth will be on February 22 from 5-9pm at Wal Mart on Inner Perimeter Rd.

We meet this Tuesday for our Pre Camp Day preparations.  Please have your daughter brig her journal. 

I have had a few questions about badges lately so I thought I would let all of you know what were up to.  Your daughter has been earning badges all year, with the exception of her service projects.  We will have a ceremony at the end of the year (a Girl Scout tradition) and award her with all of her earned badges at that time.  I keep track of attendance and good records of who does what, so everyone gets what they have worked hard for.  Your daughter is more than welcome to earn badges on her own, and bring me her work and I will get her the badge and the recognition she deserves. 

Thank you

Cheryl Jowers

GSHG Troop 40445 Leader

January 7th 2014 Meeting

Hello All,

I hope this letter finds you all well rested and happy after the holidays.  We will meet at our regular time tomorrow night.  The girls will get their cookie order forms and we will spend some time with them going over all the details;

-Price per box $4.00
-Varieties we have
-Sell with an adult and wear your uniform
-Personal goals, 150 boxes?
-Girl Rewards/ Troop Rewards, Summer Camp?
-Cookies delivered around Valentines
-Collecting Money only at cookie delivery
-Cash Only
We will make posters for our booths and play a few games as well.

These order forms will need to be turned in by January 18th so I can get a count and place our first order.  We will plan a fun night at Chris’ house on either the 17th or 18th of January in the evening so I can collect the forms and place an order.  Can you please let me know what date works best for you?

Also, dues are due this month for the second half of the year.  We have decided to reduce the dues to $25 a girl.  We have had so many supplies donated and seem to have acquired a lot of the basics for our troop.  We will spend the majority of this money on the rest of the girls badges and the end of the year ceremony.

*****Just for Sadie Grace**** please come to this meeting (I know it will be your last) so we can award you with the badges you have earned and give you  a proper troop 40445 farewell!

Troop 40445 meeting #2

Hello everyone, 
Thank you to all who replied and gave feedback on my last email.  It looks like we will not be participating in fall product this year. We will be sharing within our troop the parents information.  Our blog will become private.  Thus far I have not even take a photo of your child, before I do so I will set the blog up to be private and send out invitations for it.  I know some of you wanted grandparents to have access as well, so if no one minds I will include grandparents in the invite as long as you provide me with their email address.  
For this week we will be working on the Girls Scout Way badge, so our girls become acquainted with the ways that Girl Scouts handel themselves and help others as well as their motto’s and beliefs.  We will be picking up trash on the property of the church, writing a song, and making sit-upons.  In a effort to keep our troop costs down and prevent purging your wallets I would like to ask for supplies from time to time from you.  I do not want you to go out and buy a single thing, I am looking for things you already have around your home.  Brainstorm with your Girl Scout and see if you have something similar or that might work in a different way.  We, as Girl Scouts, are good stewards of this earth, and love to reuse items.  If no one has what we need, then I will purchase it for the troop from the troop account. That being said, we are in need of two vinyl table cloths (used is fine) and some padding to fill our sit-upons.  Padding could be an old tee-shirt, some carpet padding, a piece of carpet, batting, or foam.  If you. Have a large piece you could share or just enough for your girl that is fine.  Just send me a quick reply and let me know what you can contribute for this Tuesdays meeting, September 17th.

Also, Please have your Girl Scout wear closed toe shoes to each meeting from here on out, it is for safety.  Thank you.

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