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We are so very glad you will be joining our troop this year!  Welcome to the 2013 – 2014 Scouting Program for Girl Scout Troop 40445. Troop 40445 will be co-led and offers a multi-level program which is open to all girls between grades 2-5 regardless of school or religious affiliation. These levels include Brownies (2-3rd grade) and Juniors (4-5th grade). The troop’s mission is to create a supportive environment where girls can realize their full potential. Thus building girls with courage, confidence and character who will strive to make the world a better place. Together with the support and involvement of committed helpful parents, Troop 40445 is devoted to growing its scouts strong.


Troop 40445’s program runs concurrent with the school year from September through May. Meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month from 6-7:30pm at ___________. In addition, there will be workshops, Council-sponsored programs, and community service activities scheduled throughout the year (averaging one Saturday a month).  Girls can participate in some of these activates independently if they chose.


Life has become busy and filled with competing priorities; many families multi-task and juggle work, family commitments, and different extracurricular activities (including the two leaders of this troop). The troop will produce a master calendar preceding each school year to facilitate schedule planning. Families are asked to do their part by staying informed about upcoming scouting activities; communicating their scout’s intent to participate so that the troop leaders can plan attendance for activities accordingly. Finally, families are asked for their cooperation with troop leadership, its governing structure and policies so that the scout’s experience will be a worthwhile and positive one.


Following are key troop policies and guidelines:


Council Dues: In order to participate in the Girl Scout program, as well as the product programs, your daughter must be a registered Girl Scout. This means that you must complete the Girl Scout Form Application and submit a $15 registration fee in cash or check payable to Troop 40445. This is an annual fee and provides your daughter coverage under Girl Scout liability insurance. Registration covers the period from October 1, 2013 through September 30, 2014. ANY parent who wishes to help with transportation and/or assist with troop programs, including meetings, must also be registered (fee is $15 for parents as well) and have a background check required by GSA.  All registration forms, girl and adult, along with payment, will be collected by the troop leader.


Troop Dues: The troop leaders determine the amount of troop dues required each year. Currently, troop dues are $80 for the year. Troop 40445 will require the dues in two payments, the first installment of $40 paid no later than the second meeting in September, and the second installment no later than the second meeting in January.  Troop dues are payable in cash or by check to Troop 40445 and remitted to a troop leader. We believe that having the girls bring in dues on a weekly basis may not work for every family (as we live in a plastic, not cash world) and will take away valuable meeting time for the girls. Families that join midway through the year (January) will be required to pay a pro-rated fee. Troop dues provide the means to purchase awards, pins, badges, fun patches, and supplies. The troop leaders ensure that troop dues will pay for the specific items listed above and that we manage these funds consistently. They also pay for attendance at Council program activities, area functions, and community collaborator workshops throughout the state. Troop 40445 dues are paid whether you show or not.


Meetings & Activities: There are so many things Scouts can do!  However, it’s important to remember that it’s the GIRLS who lead the way in deciding what the troop will be doing. We have lots of fun things planned for the year. Here are just some of the possibilities:


  • Singing, Games, and Crafts
  • Ceremonies
  • Field Trips – Field trips and troop outings will require additional volunteers. Otherwise the leaders reserve the right to take the first 6 girls committed to attend. **
  • Camping trips. **
  • Service Projects (the possibilities are endless here)
  • Nature Hikes and other Outdoor Events–We will try to schedule these often, to put the “OUTING” into SCOUTING! **


**The fee for these trips will vary depending on how many days we are camping, the cost of the facility, and the activities that we do.  It will also depend on our fundraisers: fall product sales, cookie sales, and current funds available.


Folders -We will use the FRONT POCKET of your daughter’s folder to facilitate the transfer of various important papers consisting of: notes, Journey activities, and permission slips for events. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU CHECK THE FOLDER FOR PERMISSION SLIPS AND OTHER PAPERWORK AFTER EACH MEETING. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE PERMISSION SLIPS AND EVENT REGISTRATIONS ARE TURNED IN ON TIME.


Badge Work: When GSA surveyed girls, adults, and parents, the general consensus was that 10 badges is a good number to earn in a year. Each leadership Journey includes three new official awards. These awards are designed to be worn on the Girl Scout uniform. Brownies and Juniors have the chance to earn several badges along the journey. With the three Journey awards, the Financial Literacy, Cookie Business Badges in the new Girl Guidebook, and a set of Legacy Badges that complements the specific Journey, you’re at 10. The girls are encouraged to work on badges independently if they so choose. However, we are asking that once the troop decides on which patches we will be working on, your daughter not work on those as an individual.


Behavior: Scouts are expected to show respect to adults and to treat each other with tolerance and kindness. Rude and offensive behavior, as well as disrespect to troop leaders will not be tolerated. If a scout is disruptive during meeting times, the scout’s parents will be called and asked to pick up the child. If behavioral problems persist, a conference will be scheduled with the parents and the troop leaders. The troop leaders may recommend that the scout be placed in a different troop should it be determined that Troop 40445 is not the appropriate fit for the scout and family. Poor attitudes and behavioral problems from both parents and/or scouts result in disruption to the good order and morale of the troop and negatively impact others. To keep a healthy positive environment for our girl’s, negativity will not not be tolerated. Parents are asked to resolve problems or remove their scout from troop activities until the scout can contribute in a positive manner.


Illness: Please monitor your child for illnesses throughout the year. Parents are asked to keep scouts home if they have a fever or contagious illness. This is for the protection of the other children and adult leaders, and we ask for your full cooperation in this matter.


Tardiness: Troop meetings will start promptly at 6:00pm with a formal opening. Following the opening, general troop announcements will be made and the troop leaders will remain in the area to answer any questions. Scouts will dismiss to work on level-specific activities. For Council Programs and Community Collaborator Workshops, you will be required to have your scout attend on time. Most community collaborators provide a 5-10 minute “grace period” for late arrivals.  Depending upon the type of event, your child may not able to complete the workshop. This decision will be made on a case-by-case basis.


No Shows: The troop is required to pay for scout attendance at all Council Programs and most Community Collaborator Workshops in advance. If you decide that your scout will attend a fee-required program and your scout is subsequently a no show for that event, you will be required to reimburse the troop for your child’s program fee. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY. If there is a fee-required program at the beginning of the scout year and troop dues have not been remitted, the parent will be required to pay for the fee-required program in order for the scout to attend. The cost will then be deducted from the troop dues amount to determine the remaining balance owed. Troop leaders are strongly advised NOT to use their personal funds to cover the cost of section activities; not every leader has the ability to do this and this potentially can create unfair expectations throughout the troop.


E-Mail Responses: E-mail is the main form of communication for this troop. This will be supplemented by verbal announcements made during troop meetings, as well as information posted on the troop website, and paperwork inserted in the front pocket of your daughter’s folder. E-mails may be sent out at various times throughout the year requesting you to let us know about your child’s participation in upcoming events. It is very difficult to register for events when payment is required by a certain date and we don’t hear back from you. The Council does not provide refunds for no shows; most community collaborators do not provide refunds for no shows. The troop ends up absorbing the cost and because we are a new troop we cannot afford to do so. Parents are asked to respond back promptly to troop e-mails requiring a response. This will enable program registration forms to be processed and payment remitted in a timely manner, ensuring the troop and your scout doesn’t miss out on opportunities.


Siblings and guests:  Parents are welcome to stay and participate in the meeting.  However, if you are not actively participating, we kindly ask that you drop your daughter off and return at the scheduled conclusion.  We understand the need to sometimes have brothers and sisters at the meetings. They will need to be separate from the group to minimize distraction to the troop. You are welcome to bring a snack for your other children. All snacks and group activities are being provided for the registered girls only. Also if your girl will be bringing a friend to a meeting who is interested in joining girl scouts, we need to know in advance so that we will have enough supplies on hand for her to partake in the activities for the evening. We encourage this, as it is good for the girls and they can earn the “Make New Friends” patch if their friend signs up for the troop.


Thank you for your interest in the scouting program offered by Troop 40445. We will do our very best to ensure that the coming year is filled with many wonderful and exciting scouting opportunities for your child.


Warmest regards,

Cheryl Jowers and Chris Phillips

Girl Scout Troop 40445 Leaders


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